The story of Stoned Skateboarding

The story of Stoned Skateboarding

Welcome to the official webshop of Stoned Skateboarding!

I started Stoned Skateboarding 4/20/2017,  that's right 4/20!  The perfect date to launch the brand :)

The idea came up when I was 35 years old. I have been skating since I was around 12 years old. When getting older and having 2 beautiful kids, I felt it was hard to keep up with skateboarding, less time and more injuries.

I really wanted to stay connected to the scene.. so I decided to start my own skateboard brand. I’ve also been an MC for over 20 years and rhymed a lot about the cannabis culture.This was the perfect way to merge those 2 together. Stoned Skateboarding was born!

The brand started out really small, I ordered 2 designs 30 boards each. Putting a small team together was the next thing I did.. I actually couldn't afford it, but that was the only way to do it the right way.

Times were hard but eventually a few skate shops ordered some boards and started selling the brand. I was really stoked and never stopped the hustle.

I always liked brands that bring out different drops a year, that's the reason why I'm dropping new designs every 3/4 months. I feel it's a fun way to keep my customers excited for what's coming up next.

I specialize in hardware (skateboards) but every now and then I drop some apparel. It's dope to see my riders ride in some Stoned clothing :)

 The boards I sell are always fun, lot's of colors and happy vibes! I remember being a kid and visiting my local skateshop for the very first time. It felt like a kid in a candy store!  I want people to experience that vibe when they check out my boards. I also drop teamboards specially made for the team.

I dream about getting recognition from skaters all around the world. The more the brand grows, the more skaters I can support and sponsor. 

I do it for the culture , I want to give back to the thing that made me who I am today ! Skateboarding saved my life, the only place where I felt home as a little kiddo :)

Seeing my riders skate my boards just gives me the best feeling, when they drop a part I'm proud! I love every skater in my team, it's all about them and that's where I get my energy from :)

Everything we drop is made with love and passion for skateboarding.



Davy R.



Picture by Stijn Vanoverbeke